Dumbbells Guide


Powerblock doesn’t give quality on any of there products and when you utilize these dumbbells, you’ll understand that you’re holding something unique within your hands. They’ve a high quality feel for them and are well balanced at all weight levels.


I feel safe using these even at the maximum number of weight possible. I wouldn’t be able to state that for all adjustable dumbbells on the market considering that I have used most all of the most popular versions. I might use all 90 pounds available on these dumbbells without even giving a second though to the safety.

 Easy Use

I’ve mentioned how easy Powerblock dumbbells are to use in other reviews throughout the site and this model is no different. It makes changing weights as their products and uses the same pin feature a catch.

How about the poor?

They aren’t made to become dropped after use just like the solid steel ones you’d use in the gymnasium. These will break, particularly if you’re utilizing the most level of weight on them. I’m not sure I’d need to take the chance on dropping anything that I paid this quantity of cash for. Even if I knew they’d live the fall, I still wouldn’t need to drop them.

If you are searching for further weight compared to the normal 50 pounds that most of the people purchase, do yourself a favor and get these. Even though you can’t lift that much weight now, if you plan on any sort of growth as time goes on, it’s important to get at least something to grow into.

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